Silica and Marine Extract are sold by the name Viviscal(r)

Self-proclaimed hair loss aid that claims to will nourish hair that is thinning and stimulates growth of existing hair from inside.

As per MENSCRIPT however the claims made by Viviscal are plain false. Based on research studies that were either funded by the company or conducted by its employees.

The researchers found that out in the 12 studies that Viviscal refer to at least seven of them were funded by the manufacturer. In these studies, hair loss was usually determined by using unreliable, subjective measures that were not clinically relevant.

They discovered, for instance, that in two of the studies hair loss was measured through a questionnaire that asked patients whether they had noticed “less hair loss after using a Viviscal supplement”. MENSCRIPT claims that these results are not reliable and do not prove the effectiveness of Viviscal as a legitimate supplement to reduce hair loss.

For instance, they conducted an analysis of scientific evidence on the effectiveness in the use of Viviscal on DHT which is a hormone widely believed to be the main causes of hair loss in men. Based on their findings, Viviscal(r) is useless in reduction of DHT. Its impact on DHT is insignificant which is why it’s not able to stop the loss of hair. Finasteride however is a well-known treatment for hair loss, reduces DHT by 70 percent. A decrease that results in the complete stoppage of hair loss for more than the 80% of males.

The full analysis by MENSCRIPT can be found on their website: Viviscal for hair loss: misleading and ineffective

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